Why Choose The Rev Room?

The REV ROOM at Fleming’s Ultimate Garage. The LARGEST dealership of its kind in the world, with almost 10,000 sq. feet to host your event.  See how extraordinary, how memorable a celebration can be! Accessorize against a backdrop of automotive icons, T-Birds, Rolls & Bentleys, Ferraris, GTO’s, dating back to more than half a century.

Radiant with lights and color, it’s picture perfect for corporate events, birthdays, office/holiday parties, reunions, retirement send-offs – weddings/anniversaries, b’nai mitzvahs…The event of your dreams, limited only by your imagination.

A completely unique venue catering to your most particular taste. 2 spectacular showrooms to showcase your event. Cars-Cars-Cars at your whim the scenery changes to fit your theme! Luxury, Muscle, Exotic, Collectibles, available as a backdrop for your party. Custom tailor your event. The two showrooms plus accommodate from 2 to more than 250 guests each.

The showrooms are available singly or reserve both as well as the other spaces available to enhance your event.

Contact us for prices and to reserve the date for your event.

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